Car Accident Injury Rehabilitation

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, a car accident happens every minute of every day. The most common car accident injury in Neck and Back Pain Relief Center is whiplash, which is a condition that can affect more than just the neck.

Back, shoulder, arm, leg and head injuries are also common, even in crashes that happen at speeds as low as 5 mph. In fact, fromNeck and Back Pain Relief Center car accident injury care provided by chiropractor our experience, these low-speed car accidents are notorious because many people walk away thinking that only their car has been damaged. Yet hours, days or even weeks later, these people start experiencing neck pain, back pain, headaches, vision problems, etc.

Because of the delayed onset of symptoms, they may not connect the accident with their pain. So we urge anyone who has been in a car accident, even if it seemed minor, to seek chiropractic care immediately for treatment and full rehabilitation.

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Car Accident Injury Treated with Chiropractic Care

Whiplash is a painful injury that often does not receive the treatment and rehabilitation it needs. During a car accident injury, sudden gravitational forces jerk the head and neck in unnatural ways. The neck is the most vulnerable part of the spine, and during a crash, the vertebrae grate against each other laterally, which can lead to pinched nerves in this critical area. The intricate network of soft tissues (ligaments, muscles, tendons, blood vessels) also suffers damage, meaning that these supporting tissues cannot properly support the natural curvature of the cervical spine. Our car accident injury patients frequently complain of neck pain and back pain after these accidents. Many of them also report suffering severe headaches, vision problems, sleep disturbances, numbness and tingling in various areas and difficulty concentrating.

Our Neck and Back Pain Relief Center chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Ragozzine approaches car accident injuries with compassion and skill that has helped hundreds of patients return to pain-free living again. He gives each patient a thorough examination to discover the root causes of the pain, rather than just treating the surface symptoms. In most car accident patients, the sudden gravitational forces have damaged the proper alignment of the spine, particularly in the neck. Through his uniquely comprehensive diagnosis techniques and gentle, precise spinal adjustments, he is able to relieve many painful symptoms by reestablishing proper spinal alignment and removing nerve impingement.

Dr. Dan also ensures that the soft tissues surrounding and supporting the spine receive the attention they need through advanced physiotherapy techniques and massage therapy. These techniques stimulate internal healing of injured, inflamed tissues. We also teach our patients therapeutic stretches and exercises to rebuild their strength and range of motion, while also encouraging them to focus on proper nutrition to fuel their healing.

We encourage anyone who has been in a car accident recently to call us at (860) 620-9523. Our Neck and Back Pain Relief Center chiropractor has relieved hundreds of car accident injuries naturally, and without medication—she can help you too!