Chiropractic Care

Since 1985, Dr. Daniel Ragozzine has helped his patients enjoy lasting, natural relief from back pain, neck pain, headaches and migraines, a car accident injury, workers compensation injuries and other chronic conditions. Although many people first come to us for pain relief, the fact is chiropractic care can do so much more than just relieve pain; it can help people achieve optimum health. And because our care focuses on natural ways to spur the body's own healing mechanisms, it works well for the entire family-from pediatrics to geriatrics and everyone in between. We can even help people with lasting weight loss!

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Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy:

Healing from the Inside Out

Our Neck and Back Pain Relief Center chiropractic care center provides several therapies designed to help the body work the way nature intended. Not only does this involve spinal adjustments to correct interruptions to proper nervous system function, it also includes massage therapy, exercise training and nutrition for weight loss and overall health. Dr. Dan believes in helping the whole patient heal from within, so all of our treatments and techniques are tailored with that in mind.

As a chiropractor, the foundation of Dr. Dan's approach starts with the health and alignment of the spine. From the earliest moments of life, the central nervous system controls every function of the body. Flowing from the brain through the spinal cord that passes through the spinal column, the nerves deliver messages back and forth every second of every day to keep us healthy. If the spine is misaligned, nerves become pinched and cannot deliver these messages. Depending on which vertebrae are involved, this can lead to back pain, neck pain, headaches, extremity pain, fatigue and many other problems. A misalignment or "subluxation" can occur gradually through poor posture habits and the stress of being overweight, or suddenly from a car accident, workers compensation injury, etc.

Neck and Back Pain Relief Center chiropractor provides pain relief and wellness careDr. Dan carefully examines each patient to determine exactly where the spine may be misaligned. After a complete diagnosis, he will create an individualized care plan that directly addresses the causes behind the pain so that it goes away for good. This usually involves a series of precise spinal adjustments to realign the spine so that pinched nerves are liberated. He often recommends massage therapy along with adjustments because it helps relieve musculoskeletal tensions and painful trigger points. We also recommend the highly successful Take Shape for Life weight loss program, which can remove stress from the spine and improve your overall health.

All of our treatments are safe, effective and natural, so they can benefit every member of the family. Pediatric patients who are still growing often benefit from posture screenings, and the whole family can enjoy the good health that comes from spinal health, nutrition, exercise and massage therapy.

So whether you are suffering from an injury or chronic pain, or you just want to feel healthier, call us at today at (860) 620-9523 for an appointment.

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