It is important for everyone to find a healthcare provider who will offer them a comprehensive approach to their needs. At Neck and Back Pain Relief Center, we strive to provide everyone with that experience. We are proud to be led by Dr. Daniel Ragozzine and we serve the area of Milldale, CT.

We are always looking for ways to improve the quality of the care that we provide to our patients. That is why we provide access to something called cryotherapy. Look below at how our cryotherapy treatment option can help you!

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Cryotherapy: What Is This Treatment?

For those who might not know, cryotherapy is one of the most powerful treatment options that we provide to our patients. This treatment uses extremely cold temperatures to cause a rapid drop in the temperature of the skin. The extreme cold will trigger certain processes throughout the body, forcing blood from the skin to the body’s internal structures. Then, this blood is restricted to the core, keeping the internal temperature intact. The ultimate result of this is that the body is going to use this excess core blood supply to flood injured body parts with oxygen and nutrients. The whole idea is to help the body recover faster.

In addition, cryotherapy uses extreme cold to quench the body’s inflammatory responses. What this means is that inflammation that would have otherwise made people feel sore is no longer going to be an issue. In this manner, cryotherapy can help people in more ways than one.

How Can This Treatment Help You?

There are a few ways that we can use cryotherapy to help you. First, we can use cryotherapy to treat you if you are suffering from chronic pain. Then, we can use cryotherapy in athletes to help them recover more quickly. We can use this to stop the production of lactic acid, helping people feel better. Finally, we can use this treatment to help people who are suffering from chronic injuries as well. This is a powerful treatment tool that we use regularly.

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