Electro-stim Therapy

Dr. Daniel Ragozzine provides Milldale residents Electro-stim therapy.

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What Is Electro Stimulation Therapy?

Electro Stimulation Therapy is used as part of a rehabilitation program. It's frequently a treatment for illnesses or complications that cause pain or limited mobility. Some conditions that may be treated with electrostimulation therapy include

  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis
  • Poor motor control or muscle weakness
  • Low back pain
  • Post-surgical pain

For conditions with pain, inflammation, spasms, or muscular weakness, your care provider may recommend electro stimulation therapy as part of the treatment plan. During treatment, electrodes attached to the skin deliver signals that give the body an impulse that causes the muscles to contract.

Why is Electronic Stimulation Used?

Electronic stimulation is used to contract muscles that are not working well or are weak. There are also cases where e stim is used to treat stubborn wounds. In those with injuries, it can help to prevent atrophy, and also build strength. After serious injuries, it's useful in keeping muscles active. Electronic stimulation helps to keep muscle tone and activity. This type of treatment mimics the way that the body's muscles move naturally.

Benefits of Electronic Stimulation

Electronic stimulation can help to improve the patient's range of mobility. It also enhances circulation to the body. Electronic stimulation is shown to be helpful in treating asthma as well as back pain.

What to Expect During Electronic Stimulation

You will need to expose the area of your body being treated so the doctor can apply the electrodes. These attach via a wire to a machine. When the machine is on, you will feel a slight tingling sensation. For pain relief, you should relax during treatment. To help engage and strengthen muscles, you will be asked to contact them when the electric current is being applied.

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