Whiplash Treatment from Your Chiropractor

You might have heard someone complain about the discomfort associated with a neck strain. Our chiropractor explains that neck strain is another name for whiplash. Its sufferers sometimes find themselves so disabled that they cannot complete their normal daily routines.

Fortunately, patients at our Neck and Back Pain Relief Center in Milldale, CT can anticipate natural treatment options for this disorder that avoid the use of surgery or medication.

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Whiplash Overview

Almost everyone associates the term whiplash with a forceful vehicular accident. It can develop after any event that forces an individual’s head to move forward or backward suddenly. The result might affect the neck, head, leg, and shoulder and could cause symptoms delayed for hours or weeks. Sudden jerking of the neck in unnatural ways can cause pinched nerves and damaged ligaments, tendons, muscles, and blood vessels.

Our chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Ragozzine, cites these as the most common symptoms:

  • Reduced range of motion
  • Neck tightness and pain, possibly with hard or knotted muscles
  • Pain upon moving the head from one side to the other or when rocking it forward to backward
  • Stiffness or discomfort when attempting to look over a shoulder
  • A headache beginning at the base of the skull and traveling toward the forehead
  • Tenderness
  • Vision problems

Chiropractic Treatment Options

Our Milldale chiropractor urges anyone who has experienced even a minor car accident to seek immediate chiropractic care in case whiplash or another injury has occurred. After a comprehensive exam, our doctor diagnoses the cause of the patient’s pain and designs a customized treatment plan.

This plan is often a mix of natural therapies such as gentle yet precise spinal adjustments, which correct any spinal misalignment and nerve impingement; physiotherapy; and massage therapy. Our clinic also educates patients about stretches and exercises to strengthen them and increase their range of motion and about proper nutrition for optimal healing.

Any sudden, forceful motion might cause a concussion. For this reason, any individual who experiences this type of force should seek immediate diagnosis and treatment.

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